CHH is currently serving the community with two programs. Parenting enrichment training and youth social and emotional development training. The youth trainings are from 18 to 25. We serve low- to middle-income families and individuals who are living in poverty or struggling to maintain a stable living environment. Some of our clients are homeless and need employment and education on life skills.

We need donations such as funds to support operations, tools, and supplies for parents and students; in-kind donations such as gift cards, computers, iPads, and notebooks; services to use those electronic items; internships; volunteer guest speakers at trainings; and mentors. counselors, etc.; grants or corporate support in order to provide tools and services.

Mission Statement: Celess Helping Hands is dedicated to equipping parents with the knowledge, skills, and support needed to create nurturing and enabling environments for their families. Through interactive group sessions and personalized guidance, we aim to foster resilience, instill confidence, and break down barriers, ensuring that parents and children thrive in the face of life's challenges.

"To embolden youth aged 13 to 25 with tools, resources, and guidance to cultivate life skills and resilience as they navigate the transition to adulthood."

We are only currently servicing St. Clair County, Illinois, and Madison County, Illinois.

Youth Services

Our target audience are the youth at risk of harm or youth who may be homeless, abused, neglected, experiencing trauma, or in need of support to meet their basic needs to achieve a productive life.  Celess' Helping Hands offers services and programs that assist youth with transitioning to adulthood.  Our mission is to wrap resources and tools around the youth and their family so they can reach their fullest potential.  Our target audience, ages 13-25.  

Our mission is to wrap resources and tools around the youth and their family so they can reach their fullest potential. We partner with individuals, community providers, professionals, local organizations & businesses to assist with meeting their needs.  We provide Life Skills training, Youth Empowerment Groups, Parenting classes, Employment Prep & Maintenance training, supplies, community events, resources for housing and education.  

Supporting our Youth as they transition to Adulthood!

Community Outreach

Celess' Helping Hands Community Outreach program consists of various programs and services.  In the greater Metro East area of Southern Illinois there are limited services and organizations to support the young adults ages 18 -25 who are single with no children.  Our mission is to empower all youth 16 to 25 transition to adulthood.  CHH recognizes that networking and working with people in the community, various organizations and businesses will be more powerful in helping with our target audiences - Homeless; Disadvantaged; Low to Middle Income;  Disabled, and those at Youth at Risk at Harm.  

Our programs provide various types of resources, tools, assistance to further their education, relationship building, enhancing their life skills, establish employment stability, maintain adequate housing, parenting, financial literacy, counseling for healing, support groups, and referrals to community services as needed.  Celess' Helping Hands host community events to help people become aware of these needs, resources and organizations available to assist with meeting their needs.  

Together we can make a difference!